Bulk Email Validator Tool

An indispensable email validation tool for Business sending mass emails
💡 1 CSV upload & successful validation = 1 Credit.Have questions? Please contact us

Please follow the below steps to get your email validation done

Step #1
  Upload your CSV file contain email list by clicking on the "Choose file" option. Please refer the below sample CSV file format for reference before uploading your CSV.

Step #2
  Click on the button "Validate Email List" and wait for few seconds to get the results.

Step #3
  Click on the "Download Email Valditation Results" button to download the Output file.

Step #4
  Download output CSV file contain additional columns such as domain name, valid syntax, disposable, webmail, deliverable, catch all, gibberish and Spam across email row. Let's see that in detail:

    💡 Domain Name : This attribute verifies the domain for the email ID is valid or not. For e.g myfreshtools.com is a domain name for email contact@amazon.com
    💡 Valid Syntax : This attribute verifies the syntax of the entered email address matches the standard email address format or not. It is useful in the cases where the end-user might misspell email addresses while typing.
    💡 Disposable : This attribute verifies whether the entered email address domain belongs to the disposable email service
    💡 Deliverable :This attribute verifies whether the email domain has valid MX records or not.The email address is considered deliverable if the valid MX record for the email domain is found
    💡 Spam :This attribute verifies the email address is spam or not
    💡 Catch All This attribute tells whether a mail server configured to accept all emails sent to the domain, regardless of whether or not the specified mailbox exists.

  📝 Note:
  👉 In Free plan, you can validate upto 5 emails from single CSV upload.
  👉 In Starter plan, you can validate upto 50 emails from single CSV upload.
  👉 In Growth plan, you can validate upto 200 emails from single CSV upload.
  👉 In Pro plan, you can validate upto 5000 emails from CSV single upload.
  👉 In Business plan, you can validate upto 10000 emails from single CSV upload.

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